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Tea Kombucha is a superfood a fermented
green tea rich in beneficial probiotics,
provides antioxidants,
and is source of multi-nutrition. 

This Life Matters: Let's make it count!

We Introduce you to the 
"Beverage of the future" 

Nature is the healer

When nature is the healer, your healing starts from within and touches the physical, mental and spiritual planes of well-being.

Tea kombucha gives you strength, happiness ,health and pleasing to the mind . The kind of healing where your body and mind are both repaired & rejuvenated.

You need to plant friendly bacteria in your gut daily, to keep you and your microbiome (gut bacteria ) healthy. These trillions of microbes and their colonies are the manufacturers and managers of how you look, feel and think.

An imbalance of the gut microbiome can affect our workouts, sleep, and mood.

Our Fermented Tea:
Promising Functional Beverage


Detoxifies the Body & Gives Energy


Breaks down hard-to-digest Nutrients in GUT


Boosts the Immune System & Digestion


Gives you Healthy Body & Sound Mind

The therapeutic effects of this probiotic beverage are accepted to be derived from active compounds mainly the polyphenols that possesses antioxidant activity

Listen to your GUT

Take care of the future today.

Why Choose Us ?

We Are Passionate
After experiencing multiple health benefits of tea kombucha, there is not a single day passes without us having kombucha.
The whole team loves brewing and drinking it, which has now grown to a passion which further opened the gate for an opportunity to serve our society with a health rich product. 

Our Team
We are a team of 8 people, and everyone is family here.
We work all month and brew fresh & healthy tea kombucha for you!

We Are Always Improving
We started in mid-2018, when we made kombucha at home and invited our friends to try kombucha,
many were unknown to kombucha and were having it for the first time and fell in love with the taste and natural instant effects which they experienced. Since then we have made and gave away 1000's of kombucha bottles and everyone loves it.



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Abhishek Dhaliwal

Founder, Business Operations, Design & Strategy & Health Beverage Enthusiast

Isha Dhaliwal

PhD Scholar & Product 


Mental Health (Psychologist)
and Relationships Expert

Shivansh Sethi 

Technology Consultant and
Business Advisor 

Tea Kombucha FAQ

Tea Kombucha, is a fermented green tea that contains living cultures, known to help aid digestion for good health and good good gut.

Kombucha is a cultured beverage, so it does have a tangy taste, We provide the best and natural flavouring so you get the best taste of it.

These are strands of healthy live culture!
It contains billions of probiotics making it good for gut, it is safe and healthy to intake or you can sieve it.

Our products are considered naturally decaffeinated and contain anywhere from 8mg to 10 mg per serving.
Which is a natural part of fermentation no chemical or caffeine is added.

Everyone of all ages can enjoy our Enlightened Kombucha!
For children, the servings can be small and we prefer to start by flavoured kombucha so children can easily develop the taste.
Note : People with chronic disease, stomach disease or Ulcer please ask doctor before consuming kombucha.

Because it is a raw, living food, ALWAYS keep your Kombucha in the refrigerator
consume it CHILLED!


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